2015 Course Programmes

In 2015 Bishopdale Theological College will offer the following courses towards the Bachelor of Theology and Bachelor of Ministries degrees and the Diploma of Christian Studies awarded by Laidlaw College.  Students new to tertiary study must enrol in the Diploma of Biblical Studies in the first instance.  The Graduate Diploma in Theology is an option for those who already hold a degree and the Graduate Diploma (Ministry) is a further course of study available to theology graduates.  All courses being offered by BTC in 2015 are 15 credits.

How Study Works

All courses require access to a computer with a CD-ROM and DVD drive, and for students to be able to communicate by e-mail and to access the Internet. An email account is provided and required by Laidlaw College for all formally enrolled students.

The purchase and reading of a course textbook is often required.

Tutorials held on campus are important to Bishopdale Theological College’s ministry. They are an opportunity to engage with issues and questions raised by the material being studied. Through discussion facilitated by skilled tutors and additional explanations provided by them, students are enabled to increase their theological knowledge and understanding.

Most courses specify a short assessment, an essay and an exam (or secondary essay) as the major components of assessment. These may be complemented by online postings in the Laidlaw distance learning mode. The expectation by Laidlaw College is that essays will be submitted electronically (we can assist in clarifying this process), but exams are handwritten.

For further details of all courses, please refer to Laidlaw College's 2015 CDL prospectus or contact the Registrar.

How much time will my study take?

Because individual students’ study skills and habits vary, we can only suggest ‘rule of thumb’ figures for how much time courses will take. However students should assume that ‘full-time study’ requires at least 40 hours study each week for the duration of each semester. These hours include the hours spent in tutorial.

The second rule of thumb is that each credit requires approximately 10 hours of study. Thus a 15 credit course requires 150 hours study in total, over the semester. In reality the actual study time required will vary from student to student and from course to course.


Please note: 

BTC reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule courses which are undersubscribed as of the late enrolment date.


Application deadlines

Semester One              Early Bird Wednesday 31st December 2014 (No fee) 
Semester One              Final Deadline Friday 30th January 2015 ( $50 fee applies)
Semester Two              Early Bird Monday 1st June 2015 (No fee) 
Semester Two              Final Deadline Monday 22nd June 2015 ($50 fee applies)

Courses Offered in 2015

Semester One

2 March – 26 June 2015


Level 5 (Foundation) courses

BTC Nelson

101.515         Biblical Hebrew: Introduction (Intensive: 2-13 February)

104.515         New Testament Greek: Introduction (Intensive: 16-27 February)

115.515         Biblical Theology

140.515         New Testament: Introduction

301.515         History of Christianity: Early Church to Reformation

460.515         Internship – Journeying into Ministry

505.515         Theology and Praxis of Global Ministry



140.515         New Testament: Introduction (Semi-Semester: 8 evening tutorials)


Level 6 and 7 courses


111.615        Biblical Interpretation

143.615/715 New Testament: Gospel of John

202.615/715 Theology: Christ and Revelation

204.615/715 Theology: Salvation in History and Beyond

307.615/715 History of New Zealand Christianity (Intensive: 23-27 February)

511.615/715 Contemporary Approaches to Pastoral Care

603.615/715 Cultural Anthropology



146.615/715 Israel in the Time of Jesus


Semester Two

20 July – 20 November 2015


Level 5 (Foundation) courses

120.515    Old Testament: Introduction

201.515    Theology: Introduction

401.515    Formation


Level 6 and 7 courses

BTC Nelson

102.615         Biblical Hebrew: Intermediate (Intensive: 22 June - 3 July)

105.615         New Testament Greek: Intermediate (Intensive: 6-17 July)

122.615/715 Old Testament:Pentateuch (Semi-Intensive:7 & 21 Aug, 4 & 18 Sep, 16 Oct)

203.615/715  Theology: God and Creation

270.615/715  Worldviews and Ways of Life (Intensive: 17-21 August)

302.615/715  History of Christianity: Reformation to Current Times

464.615         Internship: Leadership Dynamics

520.615/715  Formative Anglicanism as Missional Church (intensive: 13-17 July)

612.615/715  Majority World Theology



146.615/715  Israel in the Time of Jesus (Semi-Semester: 8 evening tutorials)



403.615/715  Spirituality for Ministry


Courses which Bishopdale does not offer may be taken directly through the Centre for Distance Learning, which provides online tutoring.