Combined and Oscar’s stream:

Bea’s stream: (will be live once we split)

Oscar and Bea are hugely influential leaders in God’s Church.  Beginning with a Church of 40 members they have focussed on the multiplication of leaders of congregations  They now lead in a network of over 100 Churches.  Oscar is senior leader for Nairobi Chapel and for the global network, while Bea leads in ministries and strategies directed toward children.  The combination of their total dedication to the Lord and of their mutually enhancing gifts has been a blessing for the work of God’s Kingdom. 

Following a passionate conviction to raise up and develop a legacy of leaders, Nairobi Chapel has trained more than 500 interns. Oscar’s passion is to see the African church rise up and take its place within the global community of faith. A thriving mission-focused congregation, Nairobi Chapel operates several social justice ministries and has a vision to plant over 300 churches in Africa and world-wide.

They now spend significant time travelling the world and speaking to leaders as well as over-seeing their network of Churches.  Oscar has been a speaker at the Global Leadership Summit, and Bea has trained leaders in Kids Ministry across the world.

We are very privileged to have them in Nelson, and Bishopdale College is excited to host this meeting.

Together Oscar and Bea will address ‘Keys to Growing Vibrant Communities’, before we split into two streams. Oscar will speak to pastors and leaders while Bea will address kids ministers. We will complete the afternoon with tea and coffee.