Residential life

While Bishopdale College is not a fully residential College, we place a high value on doing life in community together. In 2019 we have an ‘intern house’ where staff and students will gather together in rhythms of weekly prayer, share communal life, and outreach. We also have a number of local families and flats where students can be placed into shared living situations.

prayer and worship

We place high value on gathering to worship and pray together. We gather for prayers before the beginning of each morning class as a community, as well as a fuller gathering for chapel once a month with the wider College community. Chapel is followed by a delicious lunch (which we provide), which everyone is invited to stay for.

Heart, mind, soul and strength

We study hard to deepen our knowledge and understanding, but only because together we are called to deep discipleship and to draw each other on.  We pray, we listen to God, we worship, and we serve.  We look for the places God is at work in us and we strive to be there.

Our intentionally small class sizes, and the accessibility of tutors, mean that Bishopdale is more than just a place for gaining head knowledge about God - be transformed not only through your study, but through journeying together as we follow God together. 

chapel dates 2019

27 Feb

13 March

3 April

1 May

5 June

24 July

7 August

4 September

16 October

13 November

campus community

The friendships you form during study can last for a lifetime! We encourage students to consider studying on-site in the study room where you can set up a permanent study spot.

Community lunch is held at 12:30pm on Tuesdays (BYO), but lots of us eat together throughout the week as well.


We gather as a College community on Wednesday mornings from 9:15-10:00am (except in chapel weeks). This time is when we gather to listen to Jesus in a way that is not academic, or about preparing for assignments, but rather about focusing on life in Jesus and living in obedience to his reign.

For questions about this weekly gathering, talk to Burge.