Bishopdale College is a community of study and training in which we seek the One God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Our classes always include the goal of deepening faith and increasing obedience to God’s call.  Rhythms of worship and prayer, along with honest sharing and dedication to relationship, help shape us as a Christian College.

As we strive to live and grow in faith, we acknowledge the rule of God over every aspect of our life and being.  This includes the content of our faith, and we expect to grow in understanding as God transforms us – only God can really reveal God to us!

We recognise the authority of Holy Scripture as God’s Word.  It is through Scripture that God speaks and reveals the truth of God’s own work and life.

So, we seek to be a part of the faithful Church that spans the time from Jesus’ ascension to today, and we look to pass on the orthodox faith of that Church.

We therefore subscribe whole-heartedly to the great Creeds of the Church.  The Nicene Creed stands for us as the core statement of historic orthodox faith in the Trinity.  (You can find it here)

Working in partnership with Laidlaw College we are happy to subscribe also to the Laidlaw Statement of Faith.  (You can find it here)

We are also strongly connected to the Nelson Anglican Diocese, and to various commitments it has made to orthodoxy.