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New Zealand Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Education (Open Polytechnic).

PhD (University of Otago).

Bachelor of Divinity (University of Otago).

Bachelor of Arts (University of Otago).


Ordained as a Deacon in 1988, and a Priest in 1989, in the Anglican Diocese of Dunedin.


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Various review articles for J. Theol. Studies, 2000 -

‘Developing Collaborative Ministry: A Consultation Paper’, Parts I & II, Search, 30/2 & 30/3, 2007.

Essays as Contributions to Books:

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1993- Member, Princeton Center of Theological Inquiry.

1993-94 Fulbright Scholar.

1991 Harriette Jenkins Award, NZ Federation of University Women.

1990-91 Post Ordination Scholar, St John’s College, Auckland.