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potential : Photo: D Sharon Pruitt

potential : Photo: D Sharon Pruitt

grow : study : serve

Christian 'discipleship' means being alive in Jesus Christ.  It means being given radical new challenges and deep joy day-by-day.  Christian life is life in a community that is created by God and that strives for God's goodness, in easy times and even more in the tough stuff.

God calls people to grow ...

 to grow upward because our roots are going deep into the source

to grow wider in our mission because our hearts are being enlarged and trained to fit God's heart

to grow in courage and into that future in which God has promised to never abandon or forsake us

BTC exists to serve this vision of God's work in growing us


BTC is small and focuses on relationship between tutors and students, interactive tutorials, and prayerful growth.

Our staff are highly qualified, but most importantly they are dedicated to God's mission.  Their job is not just to give information or develop skills, their job is to serve God by serving disciples who want to grow.

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon

mission and experience

The everyday of College life is focused around tutorials, prayer, and study.  The centre of College life is those times when we set out in mission together - in cross-cultural and international partnerships where God shakes our cage.  We learn to trust and to rely on God - sometimes we learn we are not who we thought, but God is good!

Photo: Luftphilia


BTC partners with Laidlaw College to offer Laidlaw degrees and diplomas.  These are fully accredited by the NZ Government, and attract normal student funding.

BTC also offers a breadth of training opportunities without Government accreditation and designed to be very focused and very flexible for God's people in learning for serving